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Best Months to Visit the Island of Mykonos

Most people suggest that the best month to be in The Greek Island of Mykonos is during September to October. The island will have lots of tourists around all year. But in those months, there are fewer tourists which means low rate of hotels and the beaches are peaceful.

The place experiences the Mediterranean winter which means mild temperature that reaches mid 50s. But if you want non-stop parties and loved the crowd, you may want to come during July to August. Usually, the prices or hotel are high.

  1. June to August. The island will have the non-stop summer activities. There will be parties and ranges of waves in the beach. Expect to pay high rates in hotel and the warmest time of the year. You will find lots of people dipping in the sea. You may also experience some festivals of Mykonos to honor their saints.
  2. September to October. You can find less people and parties help on personal spaces only. It will be worth it since rates of hotel are lower yet the temperature is warm enough to roam around with clear blue sky.
  3. November to March. At this time, you will have the cool weather and discounted hotel rates. The weather can still be bearable to tour around but sunbathing is not already an option. You can attend and event during December 6 called Agios Nikolaos.
  4. April to May. This can be a coveted time you can spend on the place before the tourists arrive. You can enjoy the warm weather and spacious room in your hotel.

The information in this article can be a great help to you when you are planning to visit Mykonos. You can start planning now by when to go and what are the recommended places to visit. Just expect that the place is also expensive like other European countries. But eventually, you can find alternatives in which you can save. Just read information about the restaurants and hotels that offer cheap rates, even during high season. And stop by to do some fashion shopping with a Vintage Evening Bag in Mykonos You can turn a thrift vacation into a fun one if you can plan well.

Online Shopping Stores List and Guide

Online shopping is one of the easiest ways now to get the clothes you want without leaving your home and getting sweats. With a few clicks in front of the computer, even if you are cooking, you can have your dream dress. There are also wide selections of clothes without even walking from store to store. So, if you are looking for popular online shopping stores, here are some list where most people go:image

  1. Forever 21. This is one of the most popular clothing website of college students. It always has the latest trend in every season at a very low price. You can order not just clothes but as well as accessories. You can find anything at their online stores in your own size where as others may have not. They also have wide collections for men to choose from.
  2. Zappos. This online shop offers membership for those who want to deal with the amazing collections of apparel. Not just clothes but eventually they also offer footwear. They do not just offer the best deals of prices but also the services you can get when you shop online. You can reach the customer service twenty four hours a day seven days a week if you have inquiries. You will get your answer immediately and do not wait for a long reply with their instant messenger on the website.
  3. ASOS. This website both sells clothes for men and women. You can find wide selections and even vintage styles. There is a discount of ten percent for those college students who signed up for ASOS on Campus. So, what are you waiting for?
  4. ModCloth. The website features about 700 designers who stock their product in this website and venture the worldwide design. ModCloth encourages buyer to be a member of the website and vote items in two categorize as “Pick It” or the “Skip It”. Voters will be notified immediately of the result about the selection.
  5. 10 Dollar Mall. You can shop for clothes in this online site under $10. There are clothes for both men and women that are totally cheap. The best is that everything is on trend even at low prices. This website won’t eventually get you bankrupt and make you fashionable in a cheaper way.

Tips on Shopping Clothes

  1. Make a list of the clothes that you wanted to buy and then eliminate those you cannot afford.
  2. Set a budget and do not go beyond it. You might end up being broke after not taking note on how much you spend on shopping.
  3. Make sure you choose the right online retailers that you can trust and eventually have your own size.
  4. Paypal and credit card are the most secured way to pay for the items online.
  5. Pay attention to the policy that the sellers offer, especially the return policy.

Shopping is eventually a fun activity. All you need is the right store to give you what you really need  and the tips to make it a success.